This is what you get if you contact me ! Isn't it cute ? :-)

I do prefer to send and receive QSL via bureau.
Anyway I like so much QSLing that I also manage them direct, if needed.

Just send your QSL, a SAE and 1 valid IRC for the DIRECT answer.
SWLs just send your QSL and a SAE, the rest is up to me: no need to pay for my QSL back, I send it direct and for free.

I really hate to receive QSL that are not real QSL, such as old postcards with callsign badly stamped on the front side and some fast written info on the back.
I hate them especially if I receive them back from a direct QSL that I sent with money included for the answer.
So, please, be HONEST and print your own QSLs: it is not good to see OM that spend for a full optional FTDX9000 and then save on direct QSLs.

Logbook Of The World
Starting from December 2009 I use to upload my log into Logbook Of The World

Personally I didn't send eQSL, but since technology is running and it is not a shame to use it, starting from 2009 I'll try to regularly send my entire LOG to eQSL. Here's a cool tab for you: just insert your callsign and check your e-QSLs even if you are not registered to www.e-QSL.cc