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some homebrewing and QRP related links (for others, just try Google)

RF microwave has got many RF components you may need for your homebrewing hours

eBay is the last site where search for a discontinued or rare to find component

Radioavventura could be your first step into homebrewing

QRP Homebuilder has got very much material for you QRP freak

RF Cafe contains so much engineering stuff you'll get lost into it

I-QRP Club is the Italian QRP club

GQRP Club is the English QRP club, also home of SPRAT journal

QRP project is one of the places where to buy kits in Europe

Northern California QRP Club good club with projects and kits

AMQRP Club is the place of the DDS60 kit

RF candy where to buy cheap components and find many interesting projects

RF Cafe
QRP Homebuilder
NorCal club
QRP Project
AMqrp club
RF candy


W7ZOI is one of the guys beside Experimental Methods in RF Design

IW3SGT colleague and friend of mine: find interesting VLF experiments

IK0IXI a so skilled homebuilder OM, fine QRP designs

CT1FMS a very friendly OM and very skilled homebuider

VE7CA state of the art designs in QRP homebrewing

I0QM nice site with very interesting audio samples

I2MQP furnish his famous DX resources like bulletin and forecast, once available inside Radio Rivista

G0UPL has got so many useful info and schematics

WN5Y built a must see website

CW related links

EUCW European CW Association

INORC Italian Naval "Old Rhythmers" Club

FOC First Class Operator's Club

Art and Skills... a book to download, a book to have: a must have for the CW enthusiasts

LCWO stays for Learn CW Online: what can I say more?

Morse Runner is good for practice Morse code and Contest


HAM related links

ARI Associazione Radioamatori Italiani

ARRL Usa National Association for Amateur Radio search for a HAM on this site find transceiver pictures and info search here for HAM RIGS reviews and much more


are you kidding? I shouldn't suggest anyone so far: too many "I know it best" men inside... :-)


AIAT Tourism in Trieste

Rete Civica Trieste Trieste's town hall

Regione Friuli - Venezia Giulia my region's official site

Ispettorato Territoriale del Friuli - Venezia Giulia my region's official HAM body organism


Wikipedia in Italiano

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